Pellet Stoves FAQ

Pellet Stoves FAQ

How do I start the fire in my pellet stove?

Pellet stoves are equipped with either manual or automatic ignition. For manual ignitions, use the special gel or solid starter material that’s recommended for pellet stove use to light the pellets, and then monitor the progress of the burn. For automatic ignitions, simply add the pellets and push the start button.

What kind of pellet stoves are available?

Pellet stoves are available as freestanding or insert types, which may be either bottom-fed or top-fed.

Who should I call if I’m having an issue?

If you’re contacting a professional because your pellet stove isn’t working, check with the manufacturer’s manual for dealer listings. If you need someone to perform a chimney sweep, look for a professional who can also perform a complete inspection of your stove components.

What should I do for my pellet stove on a regular basis?

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your stove in good working order, even when you’re not using it. If you’ve purchased a pellet stove with a solid warranty, you can often get a professional check-up for free while the warranty is in effect.

Where should I put my new pellet stove?

Make sure your stove has plenty of ventilation space near and around the area in which it’s placed. Nothing should block the vents or fans. Also, you’ll need a working electrical outlet nearby.

What’s so great about wood pellet stoves?

The wooden pellets used as fuel in pellet stoves are eco-friendly, made of recycled wood that would normally be wasted. In addition, pellet stoves are a cheaper heat source for your home than gas, and they add character to your home.

Do I need to protect my floors?

Yes. Your stove’s manufacturer should be able to provide a list of materials that are safe to use beneath wood pellet stoves to prevent floor damage. Each model is unique, so ask a professional about protecting your floors.

How do I turn my pellet stove off?

Simply follow the operation instructions to set the stove’s control to the OFF position. This stops the fuel feed, and once the pellet stove is cooled, the motors and blowers will automatically shut down. Never pull your stove’s plug out of the wall to stop operation.