Buying a Pellet Stove

Buying a Pellet Stove

Measuring, selection, pricing, and installation.

So, you’re considering the purchase of a new pellet stove. Congratulations! This buying guide will help you select and install the right stove for your home.

Your first step should be to determine the size of the pellet stove you’ll need. It’s a good idea to evaluate your home’s floor plan and sketch it out along with estimated measurements of the space you want to place your pellet stove in.

Types of pellet stoves

There are two types of pellet stoves you can invest in: freestanding and inserts. Various models are available with a number of different options, including color choices and whether the stove is bottom-fed or top-fed.

  • Freestanding wood pellet stoves

As the name suggests, freestanding stoves don’t attach to a wall or a particular location. These stoves can be placed anywhere in your home. Because they burn efficiently and generate little to no exterior heat, freestanding pellet stoves can be placed as little as one inch away from any wall.

While this type of stove requires a power source, it consumes only a small amount of electricity at a low wattage. Although it’s ideal for heating single rooms, it can also be used with a blower attachment for multi-room heating in single-level homes. Freestanding pellet stoves are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Insert wood pellet stoves

This type of pellet stove replaces an existing fireplace, making more efficient use of your home heating space. While normal fireplaces send most of their generated heat up the chimney, pellet stoves keep more heat inside your home.

Most insert pellet stoves are bottom-fed models. This means that over time, ash tends to build up in the stove and chimney. With an insert pellet stove, you should plan to schedule a yearly chimney sweep and regular professional cleaning to keep your stove in proper working order and avoid the risk of fire.

Pellet stove pricing

In general, the price range for pellet stoves is between $1,400 and $3,000.

The cost of purchasing a pellet stove varies by brand, type, and geographical location. Because this is a popular choice in colder climates such as the Pacific Northwest, there are more dealers selling pellet stoves—and therefore, more competitive pricing.

You can also save money by purchasing a pellet stove online. When browsing the web, make sure you work with an authorized dealer; otherwise, the manufacturer’s warranty may be void.

Finally, keep installation costs in mind. While freestanding pellet stoves are fairly simple to get started, you may need professional installation for an insert pellet stove. Expenses range from $150 to $400.

Heating performance and air circulation

Pellet stoves are perfect for heating single rooms. They can also work very well for whole-house heating, as long as you plan in advance. If you’d like to heat your home with a pellet stove, make sure you get a stove model that comes with a blower, which you can use to either blow heated air out into the room and toward surrounding rooms, or directly into your existing home ventilation system.

Most pellet stoves come with an internal computer that monitors the heat output and adjusts the pellet feed automatically. This feature can be beneficial for those who have a hard time keeping up with wood-burning stove maintenance. If this appeals to you, make sure you look for pellet stoves with this onboard computer.

NOTE: Always refer to the manufacturer’s website for more information on the type of pellet stove you’re considering. The most important considerations in choosing a pellet stove are whether you want to heat a room or your whole house, and the size of the room or rooms to be heated.

More advice on buying a pellet stove

A pellet stove can be an excellent investment that will save money and make home heating more convenient. It’s important to gather as much information as possible before deciding on which stove to purchase.

Feel free to browse the manufacturers’ links on the sidebar for more information about the pellet stoves you’re considering.

Before making your decision, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a freestanding stove or an insert?
  • What’s the total square footage of the area I want to heat?
  • How will I clean and maintain my pellet stove? Will I need professional cleaning?
  • Does the pellet stove come with a warranty?
  • Which features and extras do I really need, and which can I live without?
  • Does the pellet stove have a Protection Agency emissions standard label?

With the vast improvements in the technology and environmental friendliness of pellet stoves, and the costs of these stoves and the required fuel decreasing, now is the perfect time to invest in a pellet stove for your home.