Pellet Stove Accessories

Pellet Stove Accessories

Tools and customizations to personalize your stove

Pellet stoves are pretty cool in and of themselves. But if you want to give your new stove some personality, you can get tools and accessories to customize its appearance and make it easier to maintain.

Most pellet stove accessories cost under $100, and generally come in black, gold, brass, smoke gray, or silver to coordinate with your home.

Pellet stove screens

Screens for pellet stoves are typically made of glass, giving a view of the fire inside the stove. The screens may have mesh weaves or ceramic edges. Log sets are also available to give the impression of a fireplace.

These accessories are available online or at many local home improvement stores. Pellet stove screens range in price from $50 to $90, and a fireplace log set will run you around $30.

Pellet stove brushes and buckets

Pipe brushes are sold in hardware stores for about $20, and can be used to help clean your pellet stove. You should look for a brush that’s at least 3 inches in length, and you may want to consider one that measures 10 or 11 inches, so you can easily scrub residue from your chimney.

A pellet bucket makes an attractive and useful accessory for your stove, making it easier to store pellets or dump the ashes when you’re cleaning out the stove. You can find pellet buckets online, or at home improvement or large department stores, ranging from $50 to $100.

Pellet stove wall vent kits

For about $200, you can purchase a through-the-wall vent kit for freestanding pellet stoves. These kids include a square horizontal cap, a 90-degree elbow and tee support, five 1-foot pipe lengths, a tee with a clean-out tee cap, a wall thimble, and a pipe adapter.

You can also pick up a remote control thermostat kit for your pellet stove, allowing you to control the temperature from anywhere in the room.